Juliana Stage HIKING

25. – 30. 4. 2020


Juliana Stage Hiking

Juliana Stage Hiking (JSH), non-competitive, in stages along Juliana Trail and Alpe Adria Trail. For hikers who want to experience the chosen and the most beautiful paths of individual stages of JSR.

The route follows JULIANA TRAIL from Kranjska Gora to Bovec, where it turns to ALPE ADRIA TRAIL. The route will not be specially marked since the markings have already been taken care of; however, each participant will have a GPX track. Hiker chooses his own JSH stage. The organizer arranges transport to the start/finish of hikers path.
The participants are self-sufficient and environmentally conscious so that no trace will be left behind. The Booking Center Slovenia (of Juliana Trail and Alpe Adria Trail Slovenia) will provide accommodation for participants and accompanying teams in existing accommodation of the completed daily route.
An equipment transfer will be provided.
The event is in a boutique style, with 50 hikers per day. Priority will be given to participants who will attend every day or more days.



Competition rules:

  • each participant is aware of his own risk – by paying the entry fee and signing the application form, the participant confirms that he or she agrees to the terms of the tender,
  • application forms and picking up the starter pack will be possible the day before the event (15.00 – 20.00), exceptionally on the day of the event,
  • participants must be well physically fit,
  • the organizer is not responsible for the consequences that the hiker causes to himself, the teammate or a third person,
  • JSH stages will not be marked separately. The participant will be assisted by the existing, permanent JT and AAT signposts of the hiking trails and the trail he has loaded on his navigation device,
  • all hikers must adhere to the designated and “marked” paths. Any search and use of shortcuts or off-trail hiking IS NOT ALLOWED,
  • the organizer is not responsible for damage caused to the hiker’s equipment,
  • each hiker must have the required obligatory equipment (see “obligatory equipment”),
  • the event takes place in a natural environment where the hiker respects nature (leaking waste on the route is NOT ALLOWED), considers the weather conditions, the specifics of the route and takes care of its own safety,
  • because each hiker receives a trash bag (a piece of obligatory equipment) and because he cares about nature, he leaves a trash bag only at the finish area of JSR stage,
  • the hiker progresses independently without a support,
  • use of forbidden substances is NOT ALLOWED,
  • the event takes place in all weather conditions, unless the safety of hikers will be in danger (in such cases, the organizer aranges the transport to the finish area of JSR stage),
  • the participant is obligated to provide assistance to a teammate in difficulty.

Taking photos and video recording

Hikers agree that organizer can use photo and video footage taken at the event for promotional purposes.


Time limit

From dawn to dark. See stages.


Non-participation at the event

Hikers who will not be able to attend the event due to health problems but have already paid the entry fee; will be able to request a refund on e-mail julianastagerun@gmail.com on the basis of medical evidence:

  • 90% of the payment (if the request for repayment is received until 04/17/2020),
  • no payment can be made after 04/17/2020, for whatever reasons.

In case the registered hiker (04/25/2020 – 04/30/2020) will not attend the event (regardless of the reason for absence), he can authorize someone to pick up the starter pack. Organizer will not be sending starter packs by mail.


Emergency cancellation

In case of event cancellation due to emergency (natural disasters in the area of ​​the event, epidemic, etc.), the organizer shall return:

  • 70% of the payment (emergency situation before 04/17/2020),
  • no refund (emergency situation after 04/17/2020).

Obligatory equipment:

  • suitable running/hiking shoes,
  • a start number affixed on a front of a body, T-shirt or belt,
  • food and drinks (1 liter)
  • GSM (reachable for participation time),
  • astro foil (at least 1,40 x 2,0 m),
  • a jacket made of waterproof material with hood,
  • first aid package (at least 2 gauzes, 1 elastic bandage and a package of patches),
  • long pants or spiders that cover the skin,
  • an extra layer that covers the entire hands (also “gloves”),
  • hat and gloves,
  • extra clothing in case of bad weather,
  • a trash bag.

* Obligatory equipment is required for each stage.
**The organizer recommends handheld GPS with extra batteries (an option is smartphone with suitable app) and loaded trace for stage(s).